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PS7 Brush pack number 1

I love brushes--I admit, I'm addicted. After a while I got tired of searching for the perfect brushes for certain icons from other people and started making ones for myself. Tonight, out of boredom I gathered them into one brushpack--just for myself, really. But then I thought maybe someone (?) else might like to use them. There are some borders, some textures and some textures for borders. For examples of icons made with them, just look through any of my past entries--I've used them all over the place. The last Alias promo icon post is a good example--every one of those icons was made using these brushes.

Here are a few examples for you:

The one with color is an example of how I use the second one to the right (top row) and the bottom left brushes. I use the one on the bottom (the solid one) with one color (a light color is usually best), and then use the one on the top row on top of it in a different color. You can get some really interesting effects that way.

There are seventy-five brushes.

ABR file.
Image pack.
PLEASE comment and credit. I'd like to know if anyone gets any sort of use out of them.
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